Here are answers to some of the common questions you may have:

When is the Vancouver Vaisakhi parade?

Vancouver Vaisakhi parade falls on different dates every year, usually during the week of April 13th.

What is the Stall setup process?

Registration is required, but space is not guaranteed. Space is on a first come first serve basis for all locations. Please refrain from selling items which are not consistent with the message of Vaisakhi.

Any Environmental notes?

Of course! Please refrain from using Styrofoam plates, cups, etc., as well as any balloons or floating objects, and plastic straws.

Please flatten all cardboard and allow City Sanitation crews to take it away.

Special Note 

This is a family event and alcohol is not permitted (sale, distribution, or consumption).

This an entirely Vegetarian event with respect to distribution or consumption of Food items.

This is an open concept parade with a formal procession and an Open street festival component.

If setting up at Sunset Community Centre, please use sandbags to weigh down tents, please do not put stakes into the ground as they will damage the underground sprinkler system.

Fire Safety?

  • If you plan to have open flames, you must have a fire extinguisher handy.
  • Always keep two sides of your tent open if there are open flames.
  • Try to use an electric stove if possible.

Where can we get setup? 

Space is on a first come first served basis. Most vendors have pre-determined space based on cooperation with a property owner or based on previous years of ‘past practice’. Other areas where you may find space for a small setup of a table and small tent (5′ x 5′)‎ is in front of an empty store front in the Punjabi Market (49th to 51st ave on Main st). Please note, you may have to setup the night before to ensure space for your stall is reserved.

What time ‎should we setup? 

The procession of Vaisakhi is from 11am to approximately 5:30pm. However, with the open concept of the parade, people begin to visit the various vendors s early as 10:30am all along the parade route. The streets are also closed in sections and parking is restricted along the parade route from 7am to 6pm. It is advised that you setup by 9am for logistics. Parking is sometimes available on inside streets.

Where to buy liquid dispensers

Russell Food Equipment 1255 Venables St, Vancouver, BC V6A 3X6, (604) 253-6611
Canadian Tire store (Arrow Beverage Container) $17
Home Depot online only (Jumbo Trainer 7 gallon) $20

Where to buy Compostable plates and cups?

BSI Biodegradable Solutions 8696 Barnard St, Vancouver, BC V6P 5G5, (604) 630-5115