Keeping It Simple

It can be intimidating to translate the depth of thought and devotion often explained through Sikh teachings, so check out this link to help keep it simple and easier to resonate with!

Belief in One God : God is One. All religions are leading to same point. One should always remember God.

Equality : All humans are equal in front of God. No discrimination is allowed on the basis of caste, race, gender, creed, origin, color, status, wealth etc. The principles of universal equality and brotherhood are important pillars of Sikhism.

Belief in the Gurus : Sikhs should have full belief in the ten Gurus and Guru Granth Sahib ji. They must have full belief in all the messages conveyed by all the Gurus.

Love For All : In Sikh prayer the well being of all humanity is addressed. “Nanak Naam ChardiKala, Tere Bhane Sarbat da Bhala”. This means that “O God! Through Satguru Nanak , may your name be exalted and may all humanity prosper according to your will.

Food and Shelter for All : Central to the Sikh faith is humble and voluntary Service for all in need – not only the poor.

Justice for All : A Sikhs spiritual beliefs must constantly be tested and proven in the world of action. A Sikh cannot witness injustice and turn away. They are “Saint-Soldiers” in every decade.

Living a Family Life : It is good to live a family life and remember God every time. No need to go to jungles and do worship. One can worship parallely living a family life.

Personal Life : Their are certain duties attached to one’s life. Simple living is essential. A Sikh is expected to rise early, meditate and pray. Do work honestly. Enjoy family life. Should always support the needy.

Accepts God’s Will : In happy or sad moments, Sikh should think that this is by the will of God and must accept it happily.

Believe in four fruits of life : Truth, contentment, contemplation and Naam ( always remember God)

-Karen Birak

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