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Bandi Chhor Divas

Hundreds of candles lining the walkways and porch in front of every Gurdwara Sahib, cast a warm glow upon delighted faces. Little children carefully and reverently carry their very own candles to place before the Guru, while their older brothers and sisters light their candles one from the other. The colors and lights create a […]

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What makes you want to go to the Gurdwara? Whether it’s the warm prashad when it’s made fresh, or finding a sense of calm while listening to the hymns, the motive can be whatever personal strings are pulled when feeling compelled for a visit. In conversation amongst peers or family, a visit to the Gurdwara […]

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Shabad Guru Granth Sahib Ji-A Universal Scripture

  Guru Granth Sahib stands distinguished from all other scriptures as the holy Granth is Guru eternal for the Sikhs. The ten manifestation of Guru Nanak e.g the ten Sikh Guru in spirit are incarnate is the Shabad Guru Granth Sahib. Arnold Toynbee, the famous philosopher, historian of the 20th century observes, “ the Granth […]

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VAISAKHI OF THE SIKHS: Remembrance, Preservation, Celebration, Restoration & Continuation

  All 25 million Sikhs around the world remember Vaisakhi 1699, the historic day that Guru Gobind Rai appeared at a massive conclave of the Sikhs at Anandpur Sahib, flashed a naked sword and demanded a head. History tells us that after much trepidation one Sikh, Dya Ram, offered his head.  The call was repeated […]

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Sikh Woman Makes History in Khalsa Diwan Society

     Sikh Woman Makes History in Khalsa Diwan Society – Ross Gurudwara Executive The fundamentals of Sikhism recognize equality for all including gender equality and independence for women.  Guru Nanak Dev Ji actively supported equal participation in society by women in the congregation and academia.  The Guru Ji’s teachings offered equal status to women […]

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Shaheedi of Chote Sahibzadey

Having left the Fort of Anandpur Sahib and getting separated from Guru Sahib, the family and the rest of the Sikhs, Mata Gujri ji (whose name after taking Amrit was Mata Gujri Kaur ji) and the two young Sahibzadey (sons of Guru Gobind Singh ji) walked through the forest alone. They met Gangu, a Brahman […]

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A Story of Bravery & Sacrifice

The Battle of Chamkaur,’ also known as the Second battle of Chamkaur Sahib’ was a battle fought between the Khalsa, led by Guru Gobind Singh, against the Mughal forces led by Wazir Khan and other Mughal Generals that is believed to have taken place on 21 December 1705 and 22 December 1705. Guru Gobind Singh makes a reference to this battle in the Zafarnamah. He tells how a […]

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Sikh Group “Vancouver Sangat” Feeds The Homeless In Downtown Vancouver

Sikh community charity group “Vancouver Sangat” started food service program for the needy in downtown Vancouver last weekend. After several years of successfully feeding thousands in need, Guru Nanak’s Free Kitchen (GNFK) brought a great deal of respect for the community and much appreciation from those it served. The food was prepared at the New […]

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Give, Serve and Be Grateful

  You will never find a community leader who doesn’t know how to give. Giving is the only way. Don’t give only to those who ask. Give to those who don’t ask. Keep on giving. Become a giver. Your faculty and God’s faculty will become the same. That’s absolute divinity.   Daydaa day laiday thak […]

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Gurpurab Di Vadhai – The Birth of Guru Nanak

Sikh tradition celebrates the coming of Guru Nanak on this day, 542 years ago, as the descending of Divine Light on Earth to dispel the mist and fog of spiritual ignorance in an age of darkness (Kali Yug). Nanak’s appearance was to be the beginning of a new way (Panth) that was to crystalize into […]

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