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What makes you want to go to the Gurdwara? Whether it’s the warm prashad when it’s made fresh, or finding a sense of calm while listening to the hymns, the motive can be whatever personal strings are pulled when feeling compelled for a visit. In conversation amongst peers or family, a visit to the Gurdwara […]

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Sikh Woman Makes History in Khalsa Diwan Society

     Sikh Woman Makes History in Khalsa Diwan Society – Ross Gurudwara Executive The fundamentals of Sikhism recognize equality for all including gender equality and independence for women.  Guru Nanak Dev Ji actively supported equal participation in society by women in the congregation and academia.  The Guru Ji’s teachings offered equal status to women […]

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What Do You See?

A rosary, bracelet, cross, sword, or picture – all speak to those who choose to give it meaning based on an emotional, spiritual or intellectual connection. Religious symbolism is usually recognized universally and represents the ideals of its faith, instilling a notion of solidarity among those who resonate with it. Looking around, it’s observed that […]

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Candle Light Vigil Sunday Aug. 12th @ Ross

WJKK WJKF, Please accept this invitation on behalf of Khalsa Diwan Society Vancouver Ross St. Temple to join us in remembering the victims of the Wisconsin Gurdwara shooting. We will be holding a Candle-light Vigil on Sunday August 12th at 8pm sharp. You may arrive earlier at 7:30pm to sign the message board and light […]

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Keeping It Simple

It can be intimidating to translate the depth of thought and devotion often explained through Sikh teachings, so check out this link to help keep it simple and easier to resonate with! Belief in One God : God is One. All religions are leading to same point. One should always remember God. Equality : […]

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A Serene Escape

Any excerpt from the Sukhmani Sahib paath is beautifully read and heard. If you’ve ever been curious to learn what each line means in English, keep this file/link handy to read at your leisure or during meditation. -Karen Birak

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Make It Personal

While a Google search will probably bring up several versions of what it means to be Sikh and what Vaisakhi aims to celebrate, a spiritual interpretation of having faith depends on individual perspective and gain.  At the end of the day, Sikhism enforces there is only one God and provides generous teachings to guide followers […]

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